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Property Damage

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Snow plowing and ice control operations can cause property damage even under the best of circumstances and care on the part of the operators. The major types of damage are to improvements in the City right-of-way, such as mail and newspaper boxes and lawn damage. The City will determine when damage to private property within the right-of way is the responsibility of the City and when it is the responsibility of the resident.

In instances where there is disagreement as to the damage or the responsibility for the damage, the City Administrator may determine the responsibility.

Mailbox Damage

The City will conduct a review of each incident to determine whether the City will provide a reimbursement for the mailbox or newspaper box. Only boxes actually hit by a snowplow will be the responsibility of the City. The City will not be responsible for damage to boxes or support posts caused by snow or ice coming into contact with the box. If replaced, the City will:

  • Give a set fee of $100 to the owner for repair or replacement of the mailbox and/or newspaper box and post. The total amount of reimbursement for box repairs will not exceed $100 per household.
  • Damage to mailboxes not constructed or placed in accordance with postal standards and other criteria as established by the Minnesota Department of Transportation are not the responsibility of the City.

Lawn Damage

Lawns damaged by City equipment will be repaired by top dressing and seeding, or sodding in some cases.