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Planning is responsible for guiding development and regulating land use that facilitates thoughtfully planned, balanced and diverse development that meets the long-range plans and goals of the City of Savage. Typical duties include: 

  • Provide professional advice, technical expertise and information to other City Departments, Commissions and City Council
  • Implementation of 2030 Comprehensive Plan
  • Administration of Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances
  • Development and site plan review for conformance with City's adopted policies and ordinances
  • Process and review land use applications
  • Floodplain management
  • Review residential and commercial plans and assist in building permit review
  • Process sign permit applications and respond to inquiries about sign regulations
  • Answer questions and requests for information from the public regarding zoning and property information  

Planning Handouts

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Driveway and Parking


Fence Regulations

Detached Garage and Shed

Landscape Requirements

Site Plan Example

Small Cell Wireless Aesthetics

Development Activity

The Current Development Map is an interactive map that allows you to browse and click on a project for additional information including status, project details and contact information.

Residential Lot Inventory


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