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Stormwater Hotline

The City relies on its residents to help maintain stormwater systems. If you see stormwater system issues like dirt flowing into a pond or river, large amounts of litter in a storm water structure, unauthorized dumping into a storm water drain, or polluted stormwater ponds, please contact Jesse Carlson at or 952-882-2686.

Natural and Water Resources

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Some of Savage’s most valuable resources are its natural amenities like ponds, wetlands, prairies, and the Minnesota River. Year after year, residents rank natural resources as one of the top reasons why they appreciate living in Savage.

Our Natural Resource and Water Resource staff help to manage, promote, and protect these natural features. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Vegetation and invasive species management 
  • Boulevard tree inspection, removal, and maintenance planning
  • Storm water pond maintenance projects including seeding, dredging, and noxious and invasive species control
  • Wetland buffer, erosion control, grass height, and other policy enforcement designed to preserve the city's natural resources
  • Water quality and quantity program implementation including the Water Resource Management Plan and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Natural resource and environmental education and outreach program development


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