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Smoke Alarms

When smoke alarms sound:

If you see fire or small smoke, get out of the house and call 911.

If there is no smoke or fire:

  • Look for the alarm with a red light
  • Take the alarm down or remove the cover
  • Replace the battery
  • Blow out or vacuum any dust
  • Replace the alarm
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The Savage Fire Department is a paid, on-call department comprised of 40 volunteer firefighters and two full-time staff, who either live or work in the City of Savage. We operate out of two fire stations within the City. We ensure that when duty calls, the community's firefighters will be thoroughly prepared to meet the challenge that lies ahead.

Our Mission

The mission of the Savage Fire Department is to minimize loss of life and property in the City of Savage from fires, natural disasters and other life threatening situations and to assist other emergency agencies conducting similar activities. The members of the Savage Fire Department will strive to perform these services in an efficient manner by maintaining effective education, prevention, emergency response and suppression training. 

Value Statement

The Savage Fire Department expects a very high level of professional conduct from all members. Each member shall familiarize him or herself with; and abide by, all regulations, policies and operating procedures of the Savage Fire Department.

If you have any questions for the Fire Department, please let us know. Others may have the same questions and we can all learn from the answers. The Savage Fire Department can be reached at City Hall, 952-882-2660.


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