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The Administration Department provides a variety of day-to-day services for the City. These include holding elections, maintaining City records, assembling agendas for City Council meetings, and providing information to residents and businesses. The Administration Department also provides support for other departments throughout City Hall.

Building Inspections

The Building Inspections Division is responsible for ensuring that new construction and remodeling of buildings in the City meet the required standards regulated by the State Building Code for the safety and security of all residents. Our staff efficiently answers applicant questions, reviews plans, issues permits, and performs site inspections.


The Communications Division is committed to ongoing and meaningful communication among and between residents, elected officials, businesses, community-based organizations and employees through a variety of communication channels.


The Engineering Division conducts the administration of all City public works projects ordered by the City Council. The department oversees the design, construction and administration of sanitary sewer, watermain, storm sewer, and roadways.

Finance/Human Resources

The Finance/Human Resources Department is responsible for the City's accounting and human resources activities. It also provides internal support services to all city departments.

Savage Fire Department

The Savage Fire Department is a paid, on-call department comprised of 40 volunteer firefighters and two full-time staff, who either live or work in the City of Savage. We operate out of two fire stations within the City.

Natural Resources

The Natural Resources Division manages some of Savage’s most valuable resources like ponds, wetlands, prairies, and the Minnesota River. Year after year, residents rank natural resources as one of the top reasons why they appreciate living in Savage.

Parks & Recreation

The Parks & Recreation Division is responsible for providing and maintaining the comprehensive park, trail and open space system, and offering recreation opportunities for all. The City of Savage is a distinctive community with preserved natural beauty south of the river. Parks, skating rinks, tennis courts, and soccer and baseball fields are just some of the amenities that make life enjoyable in Savage.

Planning & Zoning

The Planning & Zoning Department is responsible for guiding development and regulating land use that facilitates thoughtfully planned, balanced and diverse development that meet the long-range plans and goals of the City of Savage.

Savage Police Department

The Savage Police Department is committed to developing comprehensive solutions to community problems, providing enhanced police services and forging new strengths in combating crime. The men and women of the Savage Police Department continuously put forth tremendous efforts to help keep our community as safe as possible.

Public Works

The Public Works Department consists of several divisions responsible for operating and maintaining City infrastructure and providing other services to the community. The infrastructure includes streets, parks, trails, sidewalks, potable water supply, treatment and distribution, sanitary sewer collection, storm water treatment and conveyance, and public natural areas.

Savage City Liquor

Savage City Liquor offers two convenient locations offering the best wine, beer and liquor selections south of the Minnesota River.

Water Resources

Water Resources is responsible for managing and protecting Savage’s water resources. Savage uses several tools to manage stormwater so we can protect and improve the natural, aesthetic and recreational qualities of our ponds, wetlands and rivers.

Water and Sewer

The mission of the Utility Services Division is to provide the Savage community with reliable water and sanitary sewer services now and in the future.

Staff Directory

Our Staff Directory contains contact information for all City of Savage employees. Employees are alphabetized by first name, following with their job title, department and contact information.