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Business Registry

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The Business Registry is a program that allows businesses to register with the City of Savage, and gathers crucial information for first responders like what the business is, who to contact first in an emergency, what's inside, and how to deal with it. The Registry is kept in a database that responders can access en route to an emergency call. Understanding more about the site helps responders:

  • Prepare themselves before reaching the scene
  • Alert business owners about the emergency
  • Contact someone who can open or secure the building, and determine if anything is missing
  • Reduce threats. Some businesses contain hazardous waste or other volatile materials that can make the situation worse. Being aware of what's inside helps ensure an appropriate response.

Registration is Voluntary

The Registry currently contains information on over 500 business. The goal is to have every business in Savage registered. Owners and managers may register their business by calling the Savage Police Department at 952-882-2600 or submitting the Online Business Registry Form below.