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By the numbers | 2020 Proposed City Budget

Post Date:10/28/2019 9:18 AM

$54,668 - 
In the last 12 years, this is how much an average home in Savage has increased in value.

$41 - Over those 12 years, this is how much City taxes have increased on that average home

$18 - Estimated increase in City property taxes in 2020 for the average home in Savage

Just like many of us, the Savage City Council prepares a budget each year to pay for important services such as police and fire protection; parks and activities; roads, buildings, vehicles and equipment; and much more. For 2020, the proposed City budget is $16,193,701 which is an increase of 3.93% or $611,705. This additional funding will be used to: 

  • Provide COLA/ insurance/ benefits for the 180+ full and part time City employees
  • Implement a wellness initiative and purchase personal protection equipment for Police
  • Repair and maintain several City facilities
  • Increase IT infrastructure to keep current on data security standards 


Property Taxes

As part of the budget process the City Council adopts a preliminary tax levy which is the portion of the City’s budget paid by property taxes. For 2020, the preliminary tax levy is set at $13,980,307 which is a 4.3% increase from 2019.  

The impact homeowners will see will vary depending on how their property’s value changes from 2019. Scott County is estimating that property values will increase on average by 6% in 2020. For a median single-family home in Savage (valued at $327,481) City property taxes would increase by $18 per year. This increase is a result of home values continuing to rise.

Changes in City Taxes – based on an average home in Savage

Changes in City Taxes

Annual city property taxes have remained relatively stable throughout the years when looking at the average valued home in Savage. Over the last 12 years, the average home in Savage has increased in value by $54,668. Over those 12 years, City taxes have only increased by $41. 

How are my tax dollars spent?

So where does your $1,379/year or $114.92/month go? Here’s a breakdown of what you’re paying monthly for various services, based on the average valued home of $327,481:

  • Police protection for a safe community - $44.67
  • Maintaining and improving roads and parks - $20.33
  • Attracting and retaining high-quality workforce - $19.27
  • Enhancing park amenities, recreation opportunities and natural resources: - $14.12
  • Fire protection and emergency medical response - $8.81
  • Strong neighborhoods and property values - $7.72

Questions about the City’s budget and tax levy can be directed to the Savage Finance Director Julie Stahl.

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