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What is the history of the fireplace in Hidden Valley Park?

Post Date:01/01/2020
In the late 1800s, Michael Egan settled in Glendale Township along the Credit River. The town of Savage did not exist at that time; it was part of a settlement called “Hamilton”. Over the years, the land was developed into Egan’s Resort which included a lodge and two ski runs. In 1929, a picnic area was built in the valley and was known as Egan’s Picnic Grounds. The name later was changed to Hidden Valley. Throughout the 1930s and 1940s, people would come from miles around to enjoy horseback riding, picnics and dances. In 1939, a log-style building and two pedestrian bridges were added to the picnic grounds. One of the unique features of the park building was the magnificent fireplace constructed by Ted Noonan. The fireplace is said to be constructed using stones and materials from each of the first 48 states. In 1979, the Egan family sold the land to the City to be used as a city park. Today Hidden Valley Park is the second largest park in the city, and is one of the most used parks by nature lovers, picnic goers, and archery enthusiasts. The fireplace sits on the south end of the park pavilion and is all that remains of the original building.
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