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Why did my property taxes go up when I have not made any improvements to my home?

Post Date:01/01/2020

Your property taxes are based on the estimated full market value of your property which is the probable amount your property would sell for in a competitive and open market. The Scott County Assessor’s Office uses a mass appraisal process for estimating market values. This system involves looking at the sale prices of homes similar to yours in your area and visiting your property once every five years. 

And while your property value does affect your property taxes, making improvements or increasing your property’s value isn’t the only factor that can change how much you pay. Your property tax bill is also affected by: 

  1. Neighbor’s property value: You may see a rise in your property taxes when your neighborhood experiences a general rise in property value. Neighborhood improvements or new construction can also have an effect on the assessed value of nearby properties.
  2. City, County and School Districts: Your property tax bill includes taxes from several jurisdictions, not just the City. For every property tax dollar you pay, only 33 cents goes to the City of Savage. The other 67 cents goes to other taxing jurisdictions including Scott County, school districts, and other special taxing districts. If they raise their tax rate, your property taxes may go up. 
  3. Special assessments: If there are any improvements in your area that directly benefit your property (like water lines, curbs, gutters, street improvements) you may see a special assessment on your tax bill. These are on line 13 on your property tax statement and include an $11 County recycling fee for services provided by the Scott County Household Hazardous Waste Facility.

If you do not think the assessed value of our home is correct, contact Scott County Property Assessment at 952-496-8115 to learn about the appeal process. 

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