The Savage Depot

The Savage Depot, a historical landmark of railroad days gone by, is located on the southern frontage of Highway 13.

Important dates regarding the Depot:

Savage Depot restored1880 -- The Savage Depot was originally built by the Chicago and North Western Railroad Company

1970 -- The Savage Depot closed after a new depot was built on the Savage-Shakopee border.

1973 -- The Savage Depot was sold to Murphy’s Landing (now The Landing) and moved to the living history museum's 88-acre site in Shakopee.

2002 --The Dan Patch Historical Society sent a letter to Three Rivers Park District indicating an interest in The Depot if Three Rivers, which had recently assumed ownership of Murphy's Landing, no longer wanted the building.

2004 -- Three Rivers Park District agrees to sell the Savage Depot as part of a move to reduce the number of buildings the District maintains.

March 8, 2005 -- The Savage City Council hired a consultant to develop a site plan for the public square that could possibly be the new location for The Savage Depot.

Original Savage DepotMarch 16, 2005 -- The Dan Patch Historical Society agreed to raise the funds to move The Savage Depot to a location in Savage, remove the foundation at The Landing and restore the land to its original state. The Society also facilitated acquiring volunteers, contributions and a general contractor. A slogan of “Bring the Depot Home” was adopted.

July 28, 2006 -- The Depot was “brought home” to Savage after a 33-year residence at The Landing (formerly Historic Murphy’s Landing). A partnership between the Dan Patch Historical Society and the City of Savage made the relocation of the Savage Depot possible.

The Depot now rests just across from the site where it was built on the Minnesota River. The building is owned by the City of Savage and decisions on the restoration were made by the Depot Task Force, which consists of two elected city officials, two representatives of the Dan patch Historical Society and three City employees.


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