Recent Fire Call Activity


Dec 8 - Dec 14

Dec 8, 13:16, 12500 Block of Highway 13 for a person with his arm caught in an auger of a slat delivery truck, the arm was stuck up to the elbow. The male was lying in the back of what appeared to be a one ton truck with an auger attachment for distributing salt on the roadways. Police and medics were on scene upon arrival of fire. The box of this truck was in the upright position and the male was in the back lying on his side. The firefighters cut one chain on the passenger side of the truck and a torch from a local business called Turner Excavating was utilized to cut an additional chain. By cutting the chains the responders were able to take the pressure off of the auger and then manually turn it backwards freeing the man’s arm from this device. There was significant damage and blood  to the arm upon removal. He was assisted by medics and police to the back of the ambulance. After he was removed the firefighters also removed a glove that had been worn by the patient, there was still some parts of the hand inside of this glove. This was transported with the patient to the hospital.

Another individual was delivering salt to this site, the driver of this semi stated that he waited approximately 15 minutes for this one ton vehicle to move, when nobody appeared to be around the semi driver then went to check on the pick up, this is when he found the patient lying in the back of the one ton. The semi driver then called 9-1-1 and the patients father.

Extrication was completed in less than 20 form time of arrival of the fire department.

Dec 8, 20:42, 4000 Block of 126th Street for an assist on a medical, a 32-year old women in cardiac arrest. E21 crew assisted teh medics with CPR.

Dec 9, 17:40, Egan Drive and Huntington Avenue for smoke in the area. A passerby thought the steam coming from the roof of a building appeared to be smoke due to its color. Building was actually in Burnsville. Savage firefighters investigated and reported the findings No further action required.

Dec 10, 09:51, 5500 Block of Dufferin Drive for smoke alarms going off in a home. Replaced the battery and cleaned the alarm, system back to normal.

Dec 12, 08:53, 7500 block of 150th Street for a fire alarm going off at a school, units were cancelled en-route after proper code was entered.

Dec 12, 08:58, Virginia Avenue and 150th street for a power line arcing. Upon arrival of chief 2, Minnesota valley electric was on scene. No need for fire, all units were cancelled.

Dec 14, 18:44, 14900 block of Chestnut Lane for a carbon Monoxide alarm going off in a townhome. E111 crew monitored the home, nothing found. Units cleared.