Recent Fire Call Activity


Oct 20 - Oct 26

Oct 20, 12:30, 15300 Block of Orian Road, Prior Lake. Requested to assist Mdewakanton Fire with a possible structure fire. Upon arrival, scene was secure, fire units were released.

Oct 21, 13:38, McColl Drive and Dakota Avenue for awash down on the roadway. A semi truck stopped quickly causing his load to shift and spill part of the contents, a lime product, to spill ont he road. Chief 2 contacted Scott County Emergency Management and the State Duty Officer. This product was of a slurry texture and spilled over the top of the trailer it was being carried in. engine 21 flushed the product down the storm drain after conferring with the appropriate officials.

Oct 21, 17:48, Highway 13 and Highway 101 for a reported two car crash. Upon arrival of Captain 2, he reported no injuries and cancelled all responding fire units.

Oct 22, 19:39, 13500 Block of Dan Patch Drive for an assist to Savage Police to force open a door at a home. A resident needed assistance with a medical condition. Allina transported the occupant and the firefighters were requested to assist with securing the home.

Oct 23, 16:20, 12400 Block of Wyoming Avenue for a fire alarm at a commercial building. Reported water flow alarm. Upon arrival of chief 1, it was reported that a piece of operating equipment inside of a building had started on fire. However the employees activated a special piece of firefighting equipment (FL 500) and had the fire extinguished upon our arrival. This facility shreds and recycles tires. Firefighters investigated scene and checked for injuries for those facility employees that inhaled smoke during their firefighting efforts. No employees wanted to be treated. No ventilation required, all fire units cleared the scene. On site video indicated flames approximately 6-8 feet in height.

Oct 23, 18:08, Highway 13 and Connelly Parkway. Passer by reported smoke coming from a wooded area west of the highway. It was a home owner burning leaves and debris. All units cancelled, home owner advised of ordinance by local police department.

Oct 24, 17:35, Egan Drive and Rhode Island Avenue. Reported pick up truck on fire. Police and fire Cap[tain unable to locate the vehicle.
All units cancelled prior to going in service.

Oct 25, 03:59, 14700 Block of Natchez Place for an assist on a medical. Assisted police and medics with an individual found unresponsive in a outdoor in- ground swimming pool. Police were first on scene, they had the patient on the pool deck upon our arrival and had initiated CPR. AED proved ineffective. Engine 11 arrived and assisted Allina Medics with patient care. After approximately 40 minutes the decision was made to stop all life-safety efforts, this decision was made by the medics on scene.

Oct 25, 15:56, Glendale Road and 140th Street for a report of a two vehicle crash between a car and motorcycle.  Call came in as occurring at Egan Drive and Glendale Rd. Unable to locate a crash in this area chief 1 located it at the intersection of Glendale Rd and 140th St. approximately 2 blocks north of the initial call for service. This distraction caused a slight delay in response time. Once on scene, there was motorcycle lying on 140th St on the East side of Glendale Rd. There was a passenger car on the west side of Glendale Rd on 140th street. The car did have damage to the right rear corner. The driver of the car reported no injuries. The driver of the motorcycle was in the standing position but reported back injuries. Captain Slama arrived and provided patient care. Upon arrival of engine 11 they assisted Allina Medics with back boarding and the Allina transported the patient.

Oct 25, 17:19, Highway 13 and 136th Street for an assist on a medical. Reported female down on a walking trail. It was reported that this lady fell and hit her head and was not breathing. Upon arrival of Captain Schultz, he reported police and medics were on scene of a full arrest. this walking trail was approximately 70 feet West of the highway. Captain Schultz and Engine 21 assisted with patient care while on scene. Firefighters Lembeck and Ross rode in the ambulance to the hospital to assist with patient care. The patient was pronounced dead shortly after arrival of the hospital. Early indications were that the full arrest caused the fall.