Recent Fire Call Activity


Aug 12 - Aug 17

Aug 12, 11:38, 4200 Block of 125th Street, a neighbor reported smoke coming from a garage. Upon arrival of Chief 1 he found that the homeowner was burning leave in the back yard, they were advised to extinguish the fire due to the amount of smoke.

Aug 15, 11:48, Kipling Avenue and Joppa Avenue for a report of smoke in the area. Upon arrival of Chief 1 nothing was found, units were cancelled.

Aug 15, 19:46, 12400 Block of Zinran Avenue for a truck fire, a passerby report that a cement truck was on fire. Chief 2 arrived and took command. Engine 21 crew arrived to do fire attack, engines 11 and 26 assisted with overhaul.

Aug 17, 09:10, 154th Street & Murphy Lake Road for an unknown substance leaking at a construction site. Upon arrival of Chiefs 1 and 3, it was quickly determined that product was a concrete curing compound and a very small quantity had leaked out, less than one gallon. There were no placards attached to the drum, the drum was lying on it side and did have a puncture hole approximately 2" in diameter in the side of the container. The contractor was notified and responded to take care of the leak.

Aug 17, 16:12, Louisiana Avenue and 154th Street for a car versus bicycle accident. Chief 1 arrived to find a 55 year old male with an obvious compound fracture to the right ankle. Engine 11 and Allina arrived to take care of patient care.

Aug 17, 16:39, Lynn Avenue and 129th Street for a report of a power line arcing in some tree branches. Captain four arrived and reported tree branches indeed arcing in some power lines during a minor storm event. There was no immediate hazard to passerby's, therefore captain four requested of dispatch, that they contact Excel Energy and make them aware of the situation. All fire units were cleared of this scene.

Aug 17, 17:53, 13800 Block of Ottawa Avenue for a house that was truck by lightening. The homeowner did not report smoke or flames but they could smell something like an electrical odor. Captain four and chief 1 arrived, chief 1 took command and captain four conducted an interior search of the home. Chief 1 conducted a 360 of the home and reported a possible strike in the Alpha Bravo corner due to some siding that had been displaced and the downspouts for the gutters were lying on the ground. No obvious signs of fire. Captain 4 and Engine 11 crew checked out the home, including the attic, nothing found. All units cleared the scene shortly after.