Fire Permits

Depending on the type of activity, a permit may be required to ensure the public's safety. 

Outdoor Fires

Recreational fire permits are now available online. Click on Recreational Fire Permit, below, fill out the online form, print a copy of the completed form, and then click 'Submit'



The City of Savage requires a building permit for all fire suppression systems and all fire alarm systems. Permits can be obtained at the Building Inspections department, at Savage City Hall, or can be downloaded below.

The city adopted the 2007 MN State Fire Code in July 2007.

For any code-related questions please contact John Babin, Fire Inspector at:

Fax: 952.882.2656

Business Registry

The Fire Department also asks that all businesses register with the City of Savage to protect their investment. By having immediate access to information requested through the form, police and fire officials are able respond more effectively and efficiently in times of emergency.