Original Fire Department Charter

Below is a copy of the resolution created by the Village of Savage in 1951 that established the Savage Fire Department.

The Village Council of the Village of Savage, Scott County, MN do resolve:

SECTION I:That in and for the Village of Savage, in Scott County, Minnesota, there is hereby officially created and established a Village Department to be known as "THE SAVAGE VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT" of the Village of Savage, Minnesota.

SECTION II:That the first duly constituted officers of said Fire Department shall be;
George Allen, Jr. Fire Chief
Gilbert McColl First Deputy Chief
Matthew McQuiston Second Deputy Chief
Harold McQuiston Secretary - Treasurer

Who have been selected by assembly of citizens of the Village of Savage, and whose selection and appointment is hereby confirmed.

SECTION III:That said Fire Department shall hold monthly meetings, at regular stated periods, to be designated by its Officers, and make do quarterly reports of fire conditions and fire hazards within the jurisdictional limits of the Village, to the Village Council.

SECTION IV:That all officers of said department be selected by vote of the membership of said department at a regular stated meeting to be held each year on the first Monday in January in each year, commencing January 1952, and that all officers herein named shall serve in office until their successor is duly selected as provided by SECTION II of this resolution.

SECTION V:That all officers of said Fire Department shall file with the Village Clerk their oath of office, and upon the filing thereof the Village Clerk shall make due report thereof to the Village Council at the first regular session thereof held in January of each year.

SECTION VI:That membership in said Fire Department shall be limited to male citizens of the Village of Savage, or residents adjacent to the Village boundaries, between the ages of 21 years, and 45 years, and such membership active in said department shall not exceed twenty five in number. Honorary membership may be created and conferred without limit as to age and number.

SECTION VII:A roster or register of the names of active members shall be kept. Each member of said Fire Department shall sign said register, before being a regular active member in said department. Such register shall be kept by the Secretary of the Fire Department, together with a minute book in which all proceedings of the Department shall be recorded in writing.

SECTION VIII:All Village funds of said Fire Department shall be deposited into the Fire Fund of the Village with the Village Treasurer. All disbursements shall be evidenced by a verified claim, duly approved by the officers of the Fire Department, and audited and allowed by the Village Council and paid by warrant as other Village claims. All verified claims as approved payable from the fire fund shall first be filed with the Village Clerk and audited by the Village Council before warrant for payment is issued.

SECTION IX:The Village Fire Department may adopt such rules and regulations for the conduct of their regular meetings and their affairs as it may be deemed proper, not inconsistent with Village Ordinances, the State of Minnesota Statutes applicable to Fire Departments, or rules and regulations established by the State Fire Marshall's Office of the State of Minnesota.

SECTION X:That upon execution and passage of this resolution the same be filed in the Village Ordinance Book by the Village Clerk, and that a certified copy thereof be filed with the Secretary of the Village Fire Department in its official register.

Done in General Session by the Village Council of the Village of Savage, Minnesota, this 10 day of September, 1951.

BY THE COUNCIL: Mark Egan President

John W. Bergman Village Clerk