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The City of Savage is an exceptional city and the efforts of our police officers, civilian support staff, volunteers, citizens, and the steadfast public safety support from the Mayor and City Council have made a positive impact on the quality of life in the community.  We will continue to meet the needs of our citizens and do it with a professional and dedicated staff. 

A safe community begins with teamwork and partnership with you.  To help prevent crime, remember our crime prevention slogan:  "Lock It or Lose It" and please be involved in your community by reporting suspicious activities.  As always, I look forward to seeing you around our beautiful city. 


"Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success."  Henry Ford


Rodney R. Seurer
Chief of Police



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Phone Numbers & Hours

Phone Numbers:
9-1-1 To Report an Emergency.
952.882.2600 Savage Police Department
952.445.1411 Scott County Central Dispatch

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Business Hours:
Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. are the Administration hours for the building. During these business hours persons may obtain copies of reports, gun permits, or other information. The police respond 24 hours a day and 365 days a year for people who need assistance or need to report something. Scott County Central Dispatch answers emergency and non-emergency calls 24 hours a day. They also answer our administration line after business hours.

Mission and Philosophy

The mission of the police department is:
"The Savage Police Department is committed to serving the community to the best of our ability, while adhering to the highest moral and professional standards of conduct at all times. Our goal is to provide public safety services to the citizens we come in contact with, and develop a successful relationship with our community. To succeed in any relationship we must be firm, fair and consistent in our contact, but understanding and compassionate in providing our services."

The men and women of the Savage Police Department continuously put forth tremendous efforts to help keep our community as safe as possible.

The Savage Police Department is committed to developing comprehensive solutions to community problems, provide enhanced police services and forging new strengths in combating crime.

Organizational Chart

Police Organizational Chart 

Operations Bureau

Operations Bureau is headed by Captain Jeff Appel. Four Patrol Sergeants report to Captain Appel who also leads the Tri-City Tactical Team.

The Patrol Sergeants supervise the Patrol Officers, and also are in charge of department programs.
Patrol Division                  Speed Reduction
Predatory Offenders         Tri-City Tactical Team
Toward Zero Death          Training

Administration Bureau

Administrative Services is headed by Captain Bruce Simon, who oversees the following divisions.

  • Community Services Division
  • Investigative Division
  • Support Services Division


Each month, the Savage Police department receives letters from individuals who wish to commend the service they have received from Savage Police Officers. A record of each commendation is included in the personnel file of the officer. But more than the commendation itself, these letters provide a sample of the quality and variety of service that Savage Police Officers provide to the residents of Savage.

How to Commend an Officer
The Savage Police Department is committed to rewarding officers and employees for commendable actions and service. Anyone who feels that an employee has performed his or her duties in a particularly courteous, helpful or competent manner may commend the employee by:

  • Phoning the commendation to 952-882-2600
  • Email the Savage Police Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Writing a letter directed to the Chief of Police at: Savage Police Department, 6000 McColl Drive, Savage, Minnesota 55378

Be sure to obtain the employee’s name and the unit that he or she is assigned to, if possible.

Crime Statistics and Crime Maps

2000-2013 Total Police Activity Comparison


Year Crime Traffic
Calls for
2011 2476 3444 9335 23,659
2012  2368  2776   9781  22,385
 2013 2211  2657 9644  21,331 






Police Activity



The Police Department business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., M-F. These are the only hours that report requests or permits will be processed. For more information, please call the Savage Savage Police Department at  952.882.2600.

Requests for Information

Complete a Police Information Disclosure Request and submit it to the Police Department for information/report requests. This request form may be printed out and returned by mail or in person with the proper fee to the Savage Police Department, 6000 McColl Drive, Savage, MN, 55378.

Gun Permits

Applying for a permit to purchase a firearm is free. Applicants must reside in Savage and have a driver’s license or state issued identification card with a current Savage address.

Application forms for permits to purchase firearms can be downloaded, picked up during office hours or mailed upon request.

Applications for permits to purchase may be submitted in one of the following ways:

  • Mail the original completed application to the Savage Police Department, 6000 McColl Drive, Savage, MN 55378
  • Fax the completed application to the Savage Police Department, 952.882.2615.
  • Submit the original application in person to the Savage Police Department.
  • Scan a copy and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Applications will be processed within 7 to 10 business days. Applicants will be notified via the phone number provided on the application when the permit is ready for pick up. Applicants are notified of approval or denial after a background investigation is completed.

*Please bring the original application with you when you pick up the permit from the Savage Police Department.

Permits to carry firearms must be applied for at the Scott County Sheriffs Office.


Lost/Found/Recovered properties are released by appointment only. Call 952.882.2600 and ask for a Property Technician to make an appointment to release property.

Traffic Tickets

Fines for traffic tickets are to be paid to Minnesota Courts.  Pay citation by phone, web or mail.

For more information:


Fees for Report/Information Requests

  • Accident Reports: No charge for the first nine pages. The report written by the Police Officer, which is registered with the state, can be released to persons named on the report with a signed release, or the insurance companies representing them. A state accident report is written only if the combined damage of the accident is over $1,000.

    In addition to the officer's report, the state requires the drivers to complete and mail a form to the state within 10 days of the accident. These forms are free of charge and are available during business hours. State accident reports can also be electronically submitted to the state. A state accident report is written only if the combined damage of the accident is over $1000.

  • Arrest Reports: Persons seeking copies of arrest reports are referred to the prosecuting attorney. The City Attorney (Scott Joint Prosecution Assn.) prosecutes petty misdemeanors, misdemeanors and gross misdemeanor violations. The Scott County Attorney Office prosecutes felony violations and all juvenile offenders. Their phone number is 952.496.8240.

  • Incident/Case Reports: No charge for the first nine pages; 25 cents per page for pages 10-100,  with additional costs for requests of more than 100 pages. Inactive case reports may be released to the general public. Reports that are still under investigation can not be released until the investigation is completed.

  • Statistical Reports: No charge for the first nine pages; 25 cents per page for pages 10-100,  with additional costs for requests of more than 100 pages.

  • CDs/Audio/Photos: $20 per CD.

  • VHS Tapes: $30 per tape.

  • Forfeited Vehicles: $100 per vehicle Administrative and Storage Fee. Forfeited vehicle impound property release $25 per request.


Neither the City of Savage nor the State of Minnesota requires registration of bicycles. The Police Department encourages residents to keep track of all belongings including bicycles by keeping a list of items you own along with their brand name, model and serial numbers in a safe place.  Taking photos of your property is also a good idea.  If something is stolen, you have the information you need for the police and your insurance company.  If the police have the brand, model and serial number they can locate the property through a national database if it is ever recovered.

Found and Unwanted Bikes
The Savage Police Department auctions dozens of unclaimed, found bicycles every year due to the inability to locate an owner. Notices about upcoming auctions are posted on the City's website.

While some of these bicycles are worth auctioning, many of the bicycles recovered by the police department seem to be "dumped" bikes. People not knowing what else to do with an unwanted bike sometimes just dump the bike somewhere to let someone else deal with it. Residents are encouraged to contact their refuse hauler to dispose of bikes, or to contact a local recycling company.  The recycling company may pay you for your unwanted bike or at least take it off your hands for no fee. 


Police Programs for Businesses

Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is a nation wide program currently in over 38 states and 3 provinces in Canada. Currently it is being used in over 75 cities in the State of Minnesota.

The Savage Police Department implemented the Crime Free Programs in 2000. There are currently 16 properties in the City of Savage that are active in the programs.

Download the following brochure to learn more about this program. Crime Free Multi-Housing

Business Watch Program

The Business Alert Network or Business Watch program, like Neighborhood Watch, is designed to enhance community security through heightened awareness and open communication between police and citizens. It helps reduce crimes in commercial areas, particularly shoplifting, theft, burglaries, purse snatching, drug dealing, and vandalism. The Business Watch program helps build relationships between storeowners and employees within a particular geographic area. By watching out for each other, businesses can maintain a safer working and shopping atmosphere within and around their establishment. A communication system, such as a fax network and email, between the businesses and law enforcement is established to pass on information about suspicious persons or activities.

With your support, we hope to provide you and your employees with the following:

  • Training opportunities to learn how to reduce losses from robbery, larceny, fraud, shoplifting, counterfeiting, and internal theft.

  • Increased awareness of criminal laws affecting the protection of your business.

  • Empowerment to actively participate in crime prevention efforts and programs, in workplace and at home.

  • Increased communication between the business community and the Savage Police Department, including information on crime trends affecting the business community.

  • Security surveys to examine strategies for improving the safety and security of your business.

  • Business Alert Network window sticker for your business.

We look forward to establishing relationships with you and your employees. If you would like your business to become a member of BAN, please contact the Savage Police Department at 952.882.2600.

Business Security Surveys

Most residential burglaries are crimes of opportunities. The burglars devote relatively little time to advance planning. If their advance checking and examination of the potential target reveals a risk greater than anticipated, they often move onto what they perceive to be a safer or easier target. Thus, the more the homeowner does to keep the home from looking like an easy target, the safer the home usually is. The program offers crime prevention tips and recommendations to improve the safety and security of their residences and businesses.

Contact the Savage Police Department at 952.882.2600 for a security survey of your property.

Business Registry

In case of emergencies, or needs that arise in your area, the City of Savage maintains a Business Registry as a tool to help the municipality maintain contact with businesses. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of accurate contact information in case it is needed for fire, police, or water emergencies.

Please help the City of Savage maintain this important contact base by participating in the Business Registry Program.

Print out an informational brochure on the Business Registry Program.

Complete and submit the Online Form.

Alcohol & Tobacco Best Practices Program

The Best Practices Program is a joint effort by the City of Savage, health professionals, school officials, businesses, and vendors to eliminate illegal sales of alcohol and tobacco to youth. It is a voluntary program offered to liquor and tobacco license holders in the city. The program offers incentives to the licensees to undertake certain practices believed to be helpful in avoiding sales to minors.

Attending Server Awareness Training is beneficial to servers and owners alike. Attending the class will help foster a better understanding of teamwork among businesses, the community and law enforcement in limiting youth access to alcohol and tobacco. During the training the process of compliance checks and the consequences of failing one will be discussed. The class stresses an interest in assuring that servers do not face criminal and civil penalties and provides techniques for identifying fake IDs.

Upon completion of this two hour training, attendees will be provided with a Verification of Attendance Certificate by the State of Minnesota (Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division – AGED). This certificate meets the requirements of insurance providers who are requiring many businesses to attend this type of training. Please check with your insurance provider to validate this approval.

Training is held every fall and spring. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 952.882.2600 for more information.

Training Topics

  • The legal problems alcohol servers face while performing their jobs
  • Importance of assuring all customers are of legal age
  • Alcohol related behaviors for under 21-year-old users
  • Criminal penalties assessed to those providing alcohol to minors
  • Civil penalties to licensees
  • Over serving of customers
  • Signs of intoxication
  • “Cutting off” customers
  • Alcohol Compliance Checks
  • Protecting yourself and your business
  • Recognition of fraudulent ID’s
  • Acceptable forms of identification in Minnesota
  • Security features on Minnesota ID’s (old and new formats)
  • Clipped ID’s
  • “Not a Drop Law”
  • Areas of confusion to many servers
  • Refusal to sell

Compliance Checks
At the present time, alcohol compliance checks are not mandated by the State or the City of Savage. However, as part of the Best Practices Program, the City of Savage conducts unannounced checks at least once each calendar year at all on-sale and off-sale licensed premises.

Merchant Drive-Off Report

This report is completed by merchants when they have a report of a gas drive-off without paying.  This report is a .pdf file and may be printed, completed by hand, and handed to an officer.  Merchant Drive-off Report

In the event that a vehicle leaves without paying for gas, merchants need to call Scott County Dispatch at 952.445.1411, and then immediately fill out the form.  The  form should be completed by the time the officer arrives.

If all pertinent information is completed, officers will be able to prosecute with this report.