How it began

Garvey General StoreThe Minnesota River and its transportation qualities can be credited with the birth of this community known today as Savage. In 1852, a small trading post was established at the junction of Credit River and the Minnesota River. Shortly afterward, Hamilton Landing was built on the banks of the Minnesota. This is where many Scottish and Irish settlers exited the steamboat they had boarded at Fort Snelling, setting up a village named after the steamboat landing.

But even before white settlers arrived, the area around Savage was inhabited by Indians. Black Dog Indian Village was located just outside of Savage. The journeys of the Indians throughout the area created paths that settlers would eventually follow from the river into Hamilton.

As more and more people arrived at Hamilton, the tiny village grew. Shops and homesteads were built, with farming and trading being the primary industries.

The first railroad tracks were laid in Hamilton in October of 1865. The route ran to Mendota, and hosted the first steam locomotive in the state. One year later, a post office was constructed in the village.