Grading Program

The City of Savage has established a grading program to ensure that the City's minimum grading requirements are met in all developments and that the property conforms to the adjacent properties.

Grading Program Information:
  • Homeowners are responsible for preventing erosion until turf is established and approved.
  • Sod and landscaping materials must be at least 6 inches below your home's siding.
Up to 45 days after the property closing date:
The homeowner should check with the builder to make sure an as-built survey has been submitted to the City for approval. Sod, irrigation systems, and landscape materials may not be installed until the as-built survey has been approved. This typically takes two weeks from the time it is submitted to the City.

Up to 70 days after the as-built survey has been approved:
Once the as-built survey has been approved, you may begin installing trees and establishing acceptable ground cover. Acceptable ground cover includes sod, turf seed, mulch and/or rock landscaped areas and native grasses. if you have questions about acceptable ground covers, call the City Engineering Division at 952.882.2671. Ground cover and landscaping must be established within 70 days from the date the as-built survey was approved. Exceptions are allowed during the winter season.