Minutes and Agendas

The City of Savage has a document management for accessing the following public records:

  • Council Minutes and Agendas
  • Planning Commission Minutes and Agendas
  • Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources Commission Minutes and Agendas
  • Economic Development Commission Minutes and Agendas

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to enter the following information:
                  login:          PUBLIC
                  password:   PUBLIC

Users may locate records by doing a word or phrase search, or by browsing the City's archives. Utility Plans also may be obtained via the Savage Documents site. However, a special login is required. Those requiring access to utility plans may obtain the necessary username and password by contacting GIS Technician Blake Crandall at 952.882.2674.

New information is added to the Savage Documents site daily. If you are unable to access records, or have questions or concerns, please contact City Hall at 952.882.2660.