Billing Info

This page covers some of the common questions and issues that residents have with their sewer and water bills. If your questions are not answered here, please call 651-256-3304.

Payment Options

Automatic Payment
Payment is automatically deducted each month from checking/savings account - There is no charge and you still receive a statement each month. Automatic Bill Payment Form

Pay Online

Click the icon to pay online.

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Drop Boxes

Payments may be dropped off at:

  • Savage City Hall, 6000 McColl Drive
  • Public Works Building, 13770 Dakota Ave.

By Mail

Mail a check with statement by the 20th of the month. Send payments to:

City of Savage
P.O. Box 25470
St. Paul, MN 55125

Receive Bills Electronically

City of Savage utility customers now have the option to receive their monthly bills electronically. Payment options remain the same (see above).

Sign up for Electronic Utility Bills from the City of Savage.

Calculating Usage

Why is my usage always an even number?

Usage is calculated in whole thousands. For example: If your meter reads 362,422, your meter reading on your bill would be 362,000 and the remaining 422 gallons would be reflected on the next bill. This way our system bills out in whole thousands.

My usage seems high this month, why?

Several things can increase your usage in a month. Here are some to keep in mind:

  1. Some water softeners use between 200 - 400 gallons each time they are set to regenerate. Consult your owner's manual to make sure your water softener isn't regenerating more frequently than necessary.
  2. Possible leaks - toilet, sink or outside faucet.

Billing Cycle

The billing cycle for water usage for residential, commercial, institutional and odd land are as follows:

  • January billing is for December water usage - Due February 20
  • February billing is for January water usage - Due March 20
  • March billing is for February water usage - Due April 20
  • April billing is for March water usage - Due May 20
  • May billing is for April water usage - Due June 20
  • June billing is for May water usage - Due July 20
  • July billing is for June water usage - Due August 20
  • August billing is for July water usage - Due September 20
  • September billing is for August water usage - Due October 20
  • October billing is for September water usage - Due November 20
  • November billing is for October water usage - Due December 20
  • December billing is for November water usage - Due January 20

For properties with only sewer and streetlight accounts, the billing cycle is as follows:

  • March billing is for January, February and March - Due April 20
  • June billing is for April, May and June - Due July 20
  • September billing is for July, August and September - Due October 20
  • December billing is for October, November and December - Due January 20

Rates & Fees

Users of the City's utilities are charged a base rate as well as a consumption fee. Base rates are as follows:

  • Water:   $7.54 per month
  • Sewer:   $4.12 per month
  • Storm:   $6.42 per month for single-family homes
    • $5.14 per month for townhomes
  • Streetlight:  $2.99
  • MDH       $0.53

Consumption fees
Consumption fees are charged for every 1,000 gallons of water consumed. The fees increase depending on usage rates. The rate will apply to the entire amount of water usage if a tier is surpassed. Fees for residential and commercial properties are as follows:

Up to 11,999 Gallons 12,000 - 15,999 Gallons > 16,000 Gallons
Water (per 1,000 gallons)
$3.31 $3.65
Sewer $1.32 $1.32 $1.32
MCES $2.39 $2.39 $2.39

Set Up Utility Billing Account

If you are new to the community and need to set up a new account, please call 651-256-3304.


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