Have you tested your smoke detector lately?

The Savage Fire Department knows some homeowners may face circumstances that make it difficult to maintain their smoke detectors. Through the Battery Replacement Program, members of the Savage Fire Department volunteer their time to reduce the number of non-functional smoke detectors in homes throughout the community.

How does it work?

Savage residents who need assistance testing their smoke detectors or replacing the batteries fill out the request form below. Requests will be reviewed and approved based on the extent of the need. If a request is approved, a member of the organization will schedule an appointment with the homeowner. During the appointment, the smoke detectors will be tested and, if necessary, the batteries will be replaced. There is no cost for the service, although donations will be accepted to help cover costs of administering the program.

Who is eligible?

All residents of Savage may request participation in the Battery Replacement Program. Requests will be prioritized according to need. The program is particularly focused on assisting homeowners who are elderly or physically disabled, as well as those who have smoke detectors located on ceilings that cannot be reached with a standard height ladder.

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