Utility Services

The mission of the Utility Services Division is to provide the Savage community with reliable water and sanitary sewer services now and in the future.

Water System

The City of Savage currently has 100 miles of water mains. This includes over 1,500 fire hydrants and 8,607 water services. The City has 9 million gallons of treated water in storage. The Credit River Tower at CR 42 & CR 27 stores 1 million gallons, the Boone Tower at Boone Avenue and 138th Street stores 500,000 gallons, the ground storage reservoir at Water Treatment Plant #2 stores 1.5 million gallons, Cates tower stores 1 million gallons, and the ground storage reservoir at CR 16 & TH 13 stores 5 million gallons.

Sewer System

The City of Savage currently has more than 110 miles of sewer mains. This includes 13 sewage lift stations with 29 pumps. The Utility Services Division performs ongoing preventive maintenance programs on the sewer collection system. These programs are designed to remove the buildup of solids and prevent backups within the system and in the home. The Utility Services Division utilizes specialized equipment to accomplish these programs.

The raw sewage from the City of Savage is pumped to the City of Eagan where it is treated at the Seneca wastewater treatment plant operated by the Metropolitan Council Environmental Services.

Treatment Plants

The City of Savage's two treatment plants process up to 9 million gallons of water daily. The treatment plants are designed to remove naturally occurring iron, manganese and radium from the raw well water. This is accomplished by aeration and chemical means during filtration. After filtration, chlorine disinfectant is added to ensure a safe product in the system. Fluoride is also added to the final product to maintain healthy teeth as mandated by the Minnesota Department of Health.

Chemicals are monitored continuously for proper dosages. The Utility Services Division performs 30 water samples throughout the month to ensure that there are no harmful bacteria within the system. These samples are tested at a State-certified lab. The Minnesota Department of Health also inspects the treatment plants and water system numerous times each year. This ensures quality water that meets all the state and federal guidelines.

All facilities are capable of operating on an extended basis with emergency backup generators.


The administrative offices are located at 13770 Dakota Avenue in the Public Works/Utility Services building.

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Maintenance Programs

The City of Savage Utility Services Division has ongoing maintenance programs designed to ensure service to the public. Some of the major programs are water meter repairs, new water meter installations, water and sewer service inspections, hydrant flushing, flow testing, hydrant repairs and curb box repairs.