Natural Resources


The Natural Resources Division established in 1995 to:

  • Inventory and plan for the protection of significant natural areas and resources in the community
  • Effectively integrate these features into the decision-making process as the City continues to grow.

Natural Areas and Open Space

One of the best ways to maintain the distinctive character and quality of life in Savage is by creating strong natural areas and an open space protection program. This ensures that the City can continue to grow while retaining the sense of place that has attracted many people to Savage.


The Natural Resources Division is responsible for:

  • Ensuring compliance of the Tree Preservation Ordinance
  • Administering the Wetland Conservation Act
  • Reviewing the impact on natural resources during land development planning
  • Managing several hundred acres of open natural areas, including outlots, stormwater ponds and other passive use areas, as well as conducting annual tree inspections

Community Forestry Programs

The division also coordinates and implements community forestry programs including:

  • Arbor Day activities
  • Oak wilt and invasive species control
  • Environmental education activities

Residents interested in general forestry information, buckthorn control, residential landscape requirements, or volunteering opportunities are encouraged to contact the Natural Resources Division.