The Engineering Department's primary responsibility is to administrate the upkeep of Savage's infrastructure which includes the following:
  • Administering the storm sewer utility.
  • Maintaining an inventory of the City's existing infrastructure as well as long-range planning for improvements to those systems.
  • Reviewing and processing building permits and grading permits.
  • Responding to the public or Council regarding potential problems to streets, sidewalk or infrastructure.
  • Coordinating the use of consultants for various City projects.
  • Administering the Municipal State Aid System and ensuring map updates and reports are submitted in a timely fashion.
  • Property acquisition and easement negotiations.
  • Preparing monthly and annual reports, budgets, equipment plans, and Capital Improvement Programs.
  • Ongoing training including the review of technical material, new products and new technology.
  • Expanding the use and implementation of the computer system and computer-aided drafting.
  • Assistance to other departments in preparing graphics or drawings and responding to requests for information.
  • Assistance in updating the City of Savage Comprehensive Plan for submittal to the Metropolitan Council.
  • Review and comment to the Planning Commission and City Council on plats, variances, zoning issues, conditional use permits, etc.
  • Administering the Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act.
  • Review private development plans and make recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council on development proposals.
  • Administering the Traffic Safety Committee, which reviews and makes recommendations on traffic issues.
  • Work with Scott County and State officials on regional transportation projects.