Rain garden grants

Residents may be reimbursed for costs associated with installing a rain garden on their property through grants offered by the City of Savage, Scott County and the Prior Lake-Spring Lake Watershed District.

Properly designed, installed and maintained rain gardens can enhance a yard’s appearance while improving storm water quality. It also can help reduce the City’s costs for managing storm water runoff in compliance with County, State and Federal requirements.

To encourage residents to consider installing a rain garden, the City of Savage will provide grants of up to $250 to use toward expenses. Eligible costs include rain garden-appropriate plants, wood mulch, soil amendments, edging, and rental of equipment specific to rain garden construction. Expenses not eligible for City reimbursement include consulting or other personnel fees, charges related to property or equipment damage, or rental late fees.

To qualify for a grant, applicants must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of design, installation and maintenance of rain gardens by attending an approved design workshop or other equivalent training (books are available on the subject through local bookstores). Grant applicants also must maintain the rain garden, including weeding, replacing dead plants, and maintaining the infiltration rate so that no standing water remains for more than 48 hours after the end of the most recent rain event.

Similar grants are offered by the Scott Soil and Water Conservation District and the Prior Lake-Spring Lake Watershed District.

Learn more about or apply for the City’s rain garden grant.