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Outdoor water may be used before noon and after 5 p.m., on an alternating day schedule. Odd-numbered addresses may water on odd-numbered dates, with even-numbered addresses permitted on even-numbered dates. Violators may be fined.

Recreational fire permit applications may be completed online. Those wishing to have a recreational fire are advised to complete the online form and print a copy before pressing the "submit" button. The copy will be needed for verification should the Savage Police or Fire departments receive a complaint about your fire. Those who do not have access to the internet may request a permit by calling 952-882-2660 or visiting Savage City Hall at 6000 McColl Drive, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

City code prohibits weeds that have gone or are about to go to seed, and the growth of turf grass to a height greater than 10 inches. Property owners who receive notice of a violation are given 7 days to eradicate the weeds and/or cut the grass. If an owner fails to comply, the City will take action to bring the property into compliance and all costs incurred will be assessed and affixed to the property's taxes. To report a tall grass or weed issue, please contact Public Works at 952-224-3400 or submit an online code violation report

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Rec Corner

Rec Corner

Music in the Park | Enjoy free live music on the ELC patio Wednesday evenings from 7 to 8 p.m. The Music In the Park lineup for July includes The Splatter Sisters on July 8, The Eeelpout Stringers on July 15, Stomp N' Dixie on July 22 and Island Steel Drum Band on July 29. Grab your friends, family and lawn chair and enjoy Minnesota summer evenings!

2015-2016 Savage Sports Center reservations | The City of Savage is now accepting reservations for the 2015-2016 Sports Center season. Download a request form, or email staff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Tennis lessons for ages four and up | Learn the basics of tennis in a fun, recreation-based setting. Participants will learn racket handling, sportsmanship, forehand and backhand swings. Each participant will work to strengthen their basic skills while increasing their skill level and knowledge of the game. Lessons are held at Canterbury Park. Please bring a racket and a water bottle each week.

Summer programs still available | Are the kids getting bored? No worries – Savage Parks and Recreation has plenty of opportunities to keep them active and having fun. Playground camps, Fabulous Friday theme days, tennis lessons and skateboard lessons are just some of the programs to choose from!

Senior Club | The Savage Senior Club meets Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., and Thursdays from 1 to 3 p.m. in the annex of the Savage Library. Meetings are open to the public and free to attend.

Learn more about these programs and to register.

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Decorative pavers to be replaced with concrete

Decorative pavers to be replaced with concrete

Work will begin this month on a project aimed to make walking in downtown Savage go more smoothly. Brick pavers installed as part of the Hamilton Improvement Project on 123rd Street will be removed and replaced.

Dating back to 2000, the bricks are deteriorating and are beyond their useful life. The City Council is opting to replace them with concrete, which is expected to last longer than pavers. The pavers started presenting issues as early as one year after installation. Some have been replaced under warranty.

The area affected is along 123rd Street, from Natchez to Princeton Avenues. Removal of the pavers is scheduled to begin between July 6-13, with a completion date of August 7. The cost of the project is $81,000.

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Study to focus on recreational needs

Study to focus on recreational needs

The City of Savage is embarking on a process to identify needs relating to parks and recreation programming. The need became evident after a local youth sports association asked if the City was interested in partnering on a feasibility study for a proposed athletic facility.

While a facility with several basketball and volleyball courts may be an appealing concept, the City does not know at this time whether it is the type of facility that is needed – or wanted – by residents of Savage. Before investing in a study focused on a single facility, City leaders decided to take a broader look at what currently exists in terms of recreation facilities and programs, and what could exist in the future. "We want to make sure our initiatives are meeting the needs of individuals and

families, not only today, but into the future," said Beth Witt, Parks and Recreation manager. She noted that changes have already been made to some recreation programs that may have been popular several years ago, but have seen a decline recently. "Savage is not the same community it used to be."

The Park, Athletic and Recreation Facility and Program Review will be conducted by City of Savage staff. The study will consider existing information, including current programs and facilities, as well as community demographics. It also will consider the range of activities and facilities provided by other entities, such as local school districts, community education departments, athletic associations and neighboring cities.

"The study may open the door to collaborate with other program providers to ensure we're not duplicating programs and that specific markets are getting served," Witt said. Staff will spend the next several months gathering and analyzing information. A report will be presented in January/February to the Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources Commission as well as the City Council. Members of the public will have an opportunity to participate in the process. Public forums are anticipated to gather input on program and facility priorities, and questions regarding potential initiatives will be included in the next community survey scheduled for Spring 2016.

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Senior living community now open

Senior living community now open

Savage's new senior living community opened its doors last month. The four-story, 136,535-square-foot development is located next to the Scott County Library and Savage City Hall, overlooking the Minnesota River valley.

Cherrywood Pointe Senior Living provides a variety of housing solutions for seniors depending on their needs. The senior community features 94 apartments: 64 independent senior and assisted living apartments; 24 private memory care apartments; and 6 care suites (enhanced assisted living). Most of the independent living and assisted living apartments include full-size kitchens, dishwashers, walk-in closets, washers and dryers, and private balconies.

Cherrywood Pointe is owned by United Properties and is managed by Ebenezer Management Services, which provides daily operational and management services.

Features include chef-prepared meals, heated underground parking, dining room fireplace, movie theater, coffee bar, salon and spa, library, private dining room, community room, craft room and fitness center. Outside amenities include landscaped gardens and patios.

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Download app to 'Discover Savage' this summer

Download app to 'Discover Savage' this summer

Have you downloaded the Discover Savage App yet? Available in play stores for Android and iPhones, the app is a pocket guide to the community's businesses, restaurants, public spaces and events. Stay on top of what's happening in the community by downloading the app today! Users can also report potholes, graffiti, malfunctioning streetlights and other issues to the Discover Savage App.

To download the app:

  1. If you have an Android phone, go to the "Play Store." If you have an iPhone, go to the iTunes store.
  2. Search for "Discover Savage app." As you type, the app store will offer suggestions.
  3. Select the Discover Savage app, as indicated by the blue box with a script "S."
  4. Follow any additional onscreen instructions. You do not have to provide access to your Facebook or email accounts for the app to work; however, the more information you provide, the more interactive the app will be.
  5. Once installed, the app's icon will appear on your phone's desktop. Click to open.

The Discover Savage app was developed by City Center Marketing Solutions, in partnership with the City of Savage. Businesses and organizations interested in getting listed in the app may contact Philip Rogosienski at 612-310-8200 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Police, firefighters to visit registered block parties

Police, firefighters to visit registered block parties

Registration for Night to Unite is now open. Slated for August 4, Night to Unite helps create safer communities by encouraging neighborhood block parties or other events. The gatherings provide neighbors with an opportunity to get to know each other better, which ultimately curbs crime rates. Party organizers who would like police officers, firefighters and other officials to visit their event must register. Registration ends on Friday, July 24.

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Owners key in keeping community appearance top notch

Owners key in keeping community appearance top notch

Owning a property is rewarding – but it is also a lot of work. Neglect a home or business and the impact can reach much farther than that of the property lines.

Thanks to residents and business owners who are attentive to their properties, Savage's overall appearance has received high marks. National organizations have named Savage as one of the best places to live in America and one of the best places to raise a family – with aesthetics being a part of the criteria for the accolades. The general condition and appearance of homes has been rated as either good or excellent by 96 percent of those surveyed in 2014.

As our community ages, it will be even more important to pay attention to the tasks associated with property ownership. Roofs will need to be replaced, exteriors repainted, and concrete repaired. Knowing where to concentrate efforts when time and dollars are limited can be difficult. The Savage Building Inspections Department encourages property owners to review the City's maintenance standards to help prioritize which tasks to tackle first. "The main thing to keep in mind is to not put off repairs," said Chief Building Official Jay Scherer. "It is much easier and economical to address maintenance issues as they appear than to put them off until they pile up." Unaddressed maintenance issues can manifest into bigger and more costly problems, Scherer added. "If you know your shingles need to be replaced, don't wait until the roof starts leaking to do something about it," he explained, "because you'll then have a larger expense to worry about."

The Exterior Structure Maintenance Ordinance (Title 9, Chapter 150) of the Savage City Code outlines the City's expectations when it comes to the appearance of homes and businesses. The City Council passed the standards last year in response to an increasing number of complaints. The code may be viewed online; however, the following offers a summary of the requirements:

  • Exterior surfaces shall be maintained and kept free from decay, cracks, rot, tears, holes, gaps or breaks.
  • Foundations must be kept in good repair and be structurally sound.
  • Loose, broken, deteriorated or missing roofing materials shall be repaired or replaced.
  • Awnings, fixtures, fire escapes and antennas must be structurally sound and in good repair.
  • Exterior walls, soffits, fascia, trim, eaves and gutters must be free of rot and decay. There shall be no missing parts and gutters must be secure.
  • No broken glass is permitted on exterior doors and windows.
  • Steps, porches, decks and balconies shall be structurally sound and without rot. Handrails must be fastened firmly.
  • Pools must be kept in clean and sanitary condition.
  • Property owners are responsible for removing graffiti.
  • Address numbers shall be clearly displayed.

The City of Savage enforces the Exterior Structure Maintenance Ordinance on a complaint basis. Complaints may be filed online. Once a complaint is received, the Building Inspections Department inspects the property to determine if an issue exists. If so, the property owner is notified and given time to fix the problem. If the problem is not addressed, the property owner will be required to appear in court and may be charged with a misdemeanor.

Learn more information on the housing maintenance code.

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Enter Dan Patch Days photos in contest

Enter Dan Patch Days photos in contest

Visitors to Dan Patch Days have an opportunity to win a contest by sharing the photographs they take at the celebration this weekend.

The City of Savage has launched a photo contest through its new "Discover Savage" mobile app. Entering the Savage Photo Contest is easy and open to anyone who has a mobile phone:

  1. Take a photo showing how much fun you are having at Dan Patch Days
  2. Open the Discover Savage app (or download it from your phone's app store if you haven't already).
  3. Go to the "Nearby" tab in the app, and tap "Savage Photo Contest".
  4. Upload your photo, provide a caption, and send.

Photos entered in the contest may be used in future City of Savage publications and digital communications. Winners will be notified by July 1.

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