Campaign Signs

Minnesota State Statutes and Savage City Code regulates the placement of campaign signs. Below is a short summary of some of these regulations:


No signs shall be placed without permission of the private property owner.

Public Places

No signs shall be placed on public property or within any road right-of-way (in most cases, right-of-way ends at least 15 feet behind the curb or behind the sidewalk).  Please contact the Planning Division at 952.882.2660 if you need assistance determining public property boundaries.


Campaign/political signs must contain the name and address of the person or committee responsible for the sign and all signs must be removed within 10 days of an election.


In state general election years, there is no size limit for campaign/political signs posted starting 46 days prior to the state primary until 10 days after the general election.

Polling Place

No campaign/political material or signs may be within 100 feet of a polling place.

Savage Campaign Sign Handouts