The City of Savage requires pet licenses for all dogs. This license must be renewed annually. No license will be issued unless the owner can provide documentation that the pet has been vaccinated against rabies. The pet license fee is $10 if the animal is neutered or spayed, and $15 if they are not. Licenses may be purchased at the Savage Police Department.

The City of Savage contracts with 4 Paws for animal control. 4 Paws impounds all animals at large for the City. Animals are not allowed to run at large and may be impounded if picked up. If you have lost your animal, please contact 4 Paws at 952.894.9065.

Other rules Savage pet owners should follow:
  • Feces left by an animal an any public or private property (other than own) must be removed immediately.
  • No more than three dogs/cats are allowed per household.
  • Generally, the keeping of non-domesticated animals is prohibited.