2012 Survey Results: Ratings exceed Metro averages

Earlier this year, Minneapolis-based Decision Resources randomly contacted 400 residents about their opinions on services provided by the City of Savage. The 146-question survey took approximately 28 minutes to complete.

Overall, the results of the survey were extremely positive regarding the quality and value of city services, how informed residents feel they are about City services and projects, and the quality of life in the community. Specifically, 97 percent of those asked rated the quality of life in Savage as good or excellent, putting Savage among the 10 highest ranked cities in the Metro Area. Services rated included police and fire, utilities, snow and ice control, park maintenance, recreational offerings, communications, parks, customer service, and building inspections.

Other key findings of the survey:

  • 73 percent rate the value of property taxes in Savage as excellent or good
  • 59 percent oppose cutting services in order to lower taxes
  • 93 percent rated the condition and appearance of homes in the city as excellent or good
  • 94 percent of those who had contact with City Hall in the past year rated the quality of the service as excellent or good
  • 87 percent feel informed in a timely manner about decisions made by the Savage City Council
  • 90 percent say the City's communication efforts are good or better (best rating in the Metro Area)

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